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Internet of Things as a Platform


IoTaaP is state of the art IoT development platform

Our IoT development platform is fully functional out of the box, and most importantly it’s hackable which means that you can configure it to do (almost) anything. It is powerful enough to be a part of your final product and simple enough to satisfy every learning process.

No Maintenance


Preconfigured cloud software for even faster development

IoTaaP cloud supports various IoT applications, such as Mosquitto (MQTT broker), NodeRED, Grafana, InfluxDB. Get your own IoT cloud server in 5 minutes for only 10.99$ per month!

Connected Robot

Meet KAI

KAI stands for Knowledge And Innovation and it is created to help you understand real mobile IoT

KAI’s brain is our IoTaaP Magnolia module, based on ESP32 (with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity). KAI is fully open source and open hardware hackable robot that can be 3D printed!


Success Stories

iotaap package

Learn By Doing

Connectivity is the future. Are you excited? So are we! Go forward, express yourself and start your innovative journey today!

  • Get all the stuff you need to build your ideas
  • Examples, codes and guides
  • Become part of the community and share your knowledge
  • Lifetime support
  • Made in Croatia
  • Pay by PayPal or Bank transfer

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